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Why I love Solar good!

I miss the geeba hunting...the rubbing of Novak's head for bad luck...Billy and the stories about his women that are half the size of Cerroneth itself...killing a greater lich only to find out it has about...5 gold and a friggin scroll you can't cast, b/c all the other casters are dead....waylaying someone in the tavern and getting away with it...or not...Cyan/Geo getting stuck in the healer's guild as ward-jockey...Morlock screaming "BIRDMAN" as he destroys the undead just for fun...Krash telling Sunny-D to "eat the {bleepin}browny!"...Harry the Gnome predicting the future in the way only he can...Derrick/Kshardii(sp) doing the sneaky, freaky ninja stuff...Illusien going "meep!" whenever a baddie is outside her ward (namely Kshardi)...the n00bs asking, like GiR from Invader Zim "what's this do? What's that do? What's this? Should I take that? What does a "death" do? Rez Circle? What's that?, etc. ad infinum"...People screaming as they rez @4 friggin 30 in the morning...the massive Loopy fruit being passed around Saturday Morning after the bastard rezzes in the rez circle...Getting killed when the entire healer's guild has gone AWOL...Nevermore looking like it's the spokes-guild for Gritty Kitty b/c of all the scarrs lodged there...

But most importantly...because of the $35 I spend to have one hell of a time with all my friends once-a-month.
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