Sango (sangochan) wrote in ms_larp,

White wig for sale

For Sale:

One unused, still in package white shoulder-length wig.

This would be good for anyone LARPing a drow/drae/dark elf (pick a term). Or if you have any other character with white hair, I don't care what you use it for...

It is unopened. I got two back in December, and forgot about the extra one (turns out I didn't need it) until just this week. Tried to take it back to the store but they have a 30-day return policy... -_-; Was very annoying.

I paid $17.99 for it. It's really nice, just have no use for it, considering my mid-length wig works fine.

Make me an offer. email me at, IM me at Sango no Taiji on AIM. If you want it and your offer is reasonable, sold. I'll mail it to you or meet you somewhere or whatever.
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